Using LinkedIn to develop your database

Using LinkedIn to develop your database

Digital marketing can be broadly divided into two categories; paid media and owned media. Paid media is where a brand pays a fee to leverage a communication channel such as paid search or display advertisements and is akin to building on rented land. Owned media is where the brand owns the communication channel such as its website or its database. Obviously owned media represents far better value for money and is much more powerful than paid media as competitors do not have access to it because you control the medium.

Enlightened firms are using owned media channels like push notifications, in-app messaging and email marketing to move users from paid media to owned media that can be contacted without requiring payment each time you want to connect with a client. Therefore it is important to develop an email list of firms and individuals that fit into your ideal client persona. One way of developing this email list is to do the following;

1. Every time you are going to meet a client - look them up on LinkedIn and go through their connections to see if they are connected to any firm or individual that you would like to convert into a client.

2. At the meeting ask your contact if they would mind referring you to the contact you are interested in and try to get their contact details.

3. Identify the prospective client's business areas and interests in order to send an email that contains information that adds value for them and is relevant to this person.

4. Do not try to convert them straight away as you will come across as salesy / pushy. What you’re doing is trying to establish a relationship with them to create a communication channel and best practice suggests that you should only try to convert after at least three emails.

5. The purpose is to make contact every month or so with content that they find worthwhile and that sets you up as an expert in the area of accountancy that relates to the potential client. Then when a situation arises where they are looking for accountancy work to be done - your firm is in their minds as a possible solution provider.

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