Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a cost effective digital marketing tool that can allow your firm to build immediate and engaging conversations and therefor relationships with potential clients on an individual basis. We can help in the development of a social media strategy that will engage with your customers in a relaxed and informal way allowing the expansion of your marketing resources through this interaction on an individual basis. This is a growth area in the digital marketing mix, as illustrated by the fact that there were more corporate tweets than ever before for the Super Bowl, and more than 50% of all the half-time TV ads mentioned hash­tags or social media monikers.

It is essential to implement a social media policy to ensure that all the employees contributing to these social media platforms (i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, or blogging) are aligned in terms of commercial objectives and organisational strategy. In addition we can identify and develop the most effective social media platforms to interact with these clients in order to develop meaningful relationships that are tailored to your organisations business culture through worthwhile offers while at the same time delivering your branded message. Finally we can integrate content marketing into your social media marketing campaign through the provision of interactive tools, calculators and applications that are meaningful to your clients and will engage your firm’s social community.


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• WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT– from basic off-the-shelf models to sophisticated bespoke sites and everything in between.

• DIGITAL MARKETING– marketing in the moment to find positive interaction with your targeted audience.

• CLOUD / IT INFRASTRUCTURE– on demand infrastructures that can be allocated dynamically as a service.

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