Cloud / IT Infrastructure

Cloud / IT infrastructure

The primary objective at Pietas is to use technology to enable your staff to deal with more clients than they are currently able to deal with thereby improving your staff-to-client ratio. Cloud computing is a management layer around traditional data centre virtualisation that provides agility and flexibility through the process of abstracting the operating system, middleware and applications from the underlying hardware. We have created an infrastructure for our clients that utilises these advances in technology to enable capital and operational efficiency through efficient pooling of resources to create an on-demand, elastic, self-managing virtual infrastructure that can be allocated dynamically as a service with the ability to quickly react to changes in your business.

Most websites are currently hosted either on public servers via a web browser or using a public cloud infrastructure which can create performance and security issues. We have developed a private cloud infrastructure that provides dedicated virtual machines with intelligent resource monitoring that ensures the performance and security that your clients would expect from your firm. Private Cloud technology builds on traditional data centre virtualisation by giving you automation, management and provisioning tools to manage workloads without sacrificing corporate policy, standards or security requirements.

Our unique infrastructure provides the following benefits that will give your firm a competitive advantage over the opposition;

The scope of end user computing is expanding as the workforce adopts an array of devices / platforms that provide agility and efficiencies in the workplace by the utilisation of consumer and cloud technologies. Today’s workforce requires technology to support mobility and collaboration which involves all the IT tasks related to delivering and supporting the computing platforms for users such as provisioning the user personal computing environment, delivering user applications and protecting user data.

Consequently this influx of diverse devices has made the standardised PC-centric model obsolete as end users are demanding more user-friendly IT services. We have developed a robust and easy to manage infrastructure that is cost effective and built for a mobile and collaborative workforce that is not interlinked and tied to a single device and always in compliance. Our unique architecture has been developed to provide solutions to the following problems in a way that is efficient and measureable;


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• WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT– from basic off-the-shelf models to sophisticated bespoke sites and everything in between.

• DIGITAL MARKETING– marketing in the moment to find positive interaction with your targeted audience.

• CLOUD / IT INFRASTRUCTURE– on demand infrastructures that can be allocated dynamically as a service.

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